Shade Play the Right Way

Play happens regardless of rain, hail or shine. Effective playground shade design considers user safety and comfort through a wide range of weather situations, as well as life cost and aesthetics.

Exteria playground shelters at Marapikurrinya Park, Port Hedland 

The solid roof solution

Shade sails have long been the status quo for playground shade. Solid roof playground shelters however offer a range of benefits over typical shade sails including:

  • No harsh sun or heavy rain ingress, keeping play surfaces cool and dry
  • No need for periodic removal and reinstallation
  • Greater longevity and less maintenance
  • More resilient against vandalism, no torn or worn sails
  • Less attractive for climbing, keeping the community safe
  • Cyclonic rated for Region D environments
  • Custom designed architectural feature, not just a shade solution

Better value and safety

While the initial outlay for solid roof shelters is higher, the ongoing maintenance is simply periodic cleaning; no yearly removal and reinstallation costs to foot. And where shade sails have a low life expectancy, Exteria shelters will stand strong 20+ years. Then consider the safety aspect, shade sails present a great opportunity for climbing bouncing 'fun' - something a solid roof doesnt encourage or reward.

If you want to lower the life cost of shading playgrounds and keep the community safe; solid roof playground shelters are an attractive option.

Customised for your playground

With our in-house design service, we can develop a custom design for your unique playground taking into account the playground orientation, fall zones and desired aesthetics. 

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